It’s that time of year when we are searching for holiday gifts while at the same time are starting to think about our New Year’s resolutions. Our holiday gift guide for Mediterranean diet lovers can solve both problems. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. We’ve put together this list of stylish yet practical gifts that can help you or your loved ones get started on the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy!

Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker in RedThe classic Bialetti coffeemaker gets a bright, modern update in red. Looks festive for the holiday season. Your coffee will taste so stylish.

Gibson Espresso Expressions 13-Piece Set with Rack

This adorable espresso set includes 6 mugs and 6 saucers with a metal storage rack. Display your cute set with its black and white pattern and words about coffee. It’s the language of love.

Allegro Coffee Decaf Organic Italian Roast Ground CoffeeYou would never guess this Italian coffee is decaf from its full-bodied flavor. This is our favorite coffee. We drink it almost every day. It tastes even better when it’s made in a red coffeemaker.

The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking, written by yours truly. I poured my heart and soul into this cookbook which contains 200 healthy delicious recipes and three 2-week meal plans, plus information about how to get started, how to shop, and how to stock your pantry and fridge. It has it all!

Fox Run Oil and Vinegar Bottle with Grapes PatternA classic Italian restaurant staple. Pour oil and vinegar from the same bottle while keeping the liquids separate. This clear glass bottle features a handle for easy pouring and 2 cork stoppers.

Stoneware Spanish Tapas Serving DishesYou’ve seen these vibrantly colored dishes in our Mediterranean diet snack video. This trio of dishes go from oven to table to dishwasher with ease.

Now Designs Floursack Kitchen TowelsWe have these tea towel in several different colors. Three come to a pack. Buy several so you can mix and match. The colors will brighten up your Instagram photos.

Bormioli Rocco 18oz Red Wine GlassesThese are our go-to red wine glasses. They are restaurant quality and make great gifts. They look stylish and are functional too. The shape of these glasses leaves you plenty of room to swirl your wine.

We hope you enjoy this holiday gift guide for Mediterranean diet lovers. This list of ideas will help you or anyone you know get a good solid start to this healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.

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Happy Holidays 🙂