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Welcome to Mostly Mediterranean with Donna and James DeRosa. We are a brother and sister team who grew up in the food industry in Philadelphia, PA.

Food is our passion. We love to cook, eat, and feed others.

We both spent time in the arts in New York and in the corporate world in Los Angeles. Working long hours for many years, our careers started to take over our waistlines, our blood pressure, energy levels, and quality of life.

Seeking a healthier lifestyle we went back to our Italian roots and discovered the Mediterranean way of life. With the input of our doctors we started on a new eating plan and wellness journey.

We found the Mediterranean diet to be delicious, easy, and full of life. When we use the word diet, we mean the food we eat, not a starvation event. The word diet comes from the Greek root díaita which means way of living.

Mostly Mediterranean is not just about food, it’s a way of life. We’ve adopted a new lifestyle where we savor our food, share meals with friends, and enjoy the process of preparing the freshest ingredients we can find. It may take a little work, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy it, and the lasting results are worth it.


Life is a combination of magic and pasta. - Fellini
The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking

Many studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest on the planet. For us, it improved our blood pressure, our overall health, and our creativity, while helping us to naturally lose weight. We feel younger and more positive than ever.

We both left our fast-paced jobs and moved back east to be closer to family and friends. We embarked on new careers that aren’t as stressful. We enjoy our local farm markets and have learned to eat with the seasons.

Our interpretation of the Mediterranean diet leans towards Italian food because that’s what we enjoy most. But we love to explore all of the regions of the Mediterranean.

Join us on our journey into this Mediterranean lifestyle. As the great film maestro Federico Fellini once said, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” So come join us for a little magic and lots of pasta.

~ Donna and James DeRosa

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If you’re interested in a well-rounded Mediterranean lifestyle, check out Donna’s La Dolce Vita Lifestyle blog at DonnaDeRosa.com.